The Fanny Flusher - by The Maternity Market

The Fanny Flusher - by The Maternity Market

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The Fanny Flusher is the ultimate weapon against the trauma of washing your bits after birth.

Designed for postpartum cleansing in those sensitive days post-birth this is a simple yet ingenious product. Best used in the shower or on the toilet. Simply fill with water and anything else you might want to add (e.g. witch hazel), gently tip upside down, aim and squeeze. The angled nozzle will shoot heavenly sprays right where you need it, cleansing the perineum and treating it with the respect it deserves. Helpful when washing, or after a poo.

Particularly helpful if you tear or have stitches as this prevents the need to wipe too heavily down there. Also works well for C-section stitches. Simply pat dry after use.

Includes a discrete carry bag, perfect to take with you to hospital, or use at home.

TRUST US, this is gold.

As always, because we are all about safety, please read ingredients, instructions, the "safety disclaimer" (found on The Maternity Market's webpage) and any special disclaimers before purchasing.

Made from: Bottle, cap and nozzle made from BPA free plastic. (bottle = EVA Plastic / cap and nozzle = ABS plastic).

Instructions: Fill with cool/warm water and screw nozzle cap on securely.
Slowly turn bottle upside down squeezing as little as possible (squeezing will spray water). Aim nozzle at area and squeeze. Water will spray out gently, pressure can be increased by squeezing tighter.

Stage of pregnancy: Postpartum.

Symptoms: perineal tear, natural birth, after birth, vaginal birth, c-section, stitches, cesarean, peri bottle, perineal bottle.

Special disclaimer: Do not use hot water and test temperature before use. This product cannot be put in the microwave or have boiling water put inside or on it. The recommended cleaning method is to wash with warm soapy water, rinse and let dry after each use.