Bobux Alley-Oop
Bobux Alley-Oop
Bobux Alley-Oop
Bobux Alley-Oop
Bobux Alley-Oop

Bobux Alley-Oop

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The Alley-Oop, in Rose Gold, will have your little ones running and jumping, trying their best lay-ups in this fresh basket-ball inspired style.

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Toddler’s feet begin to lean out once they start to jump, grip and run in circles – their toes begin to spread and their shoes need to help them strengthen and become more defined. Choosing the I-Walk gives a  quality toddler shoe, perfect for this stage.


At this stage, kids are taking action to the next level. Running, jumping and skipping on a range of surfaces, kids push their bodies to the limit and need specially designed kids shoes to keep up with them. The Kid+ collection was designed to allow their feet to move naturally and connect with the ground, while protecting them from the impact of hard surfaces and delivering superior durability, without compromising on style.

Featuring both adjustable laces and a side zip, the dual opening makes this boot super convenient, comfortable and the metallic colourways are simply made for play.


MM (Foot Length) EU UK US Age Univ.
140-145 23 6 7 2 yrs XL
146-152 24 7 8 2-3 yrs 2XL
153-159 25 7.5 8.5 2-3 yrs 2XL
160-166 26 8.5 9.5 3-4 yrs 3XL
167-172 27 9.5 10 3-4 yrs 3XL
173-179 28 10 10.5 4-5 yrs 4XL
180-185 29 11 11.5 4-5 yrs 4XL
186-192 30 11.5 12 5-6 yrs 5XL