Disposable Cotton Underwear
Disposable Cotton Underwear
Disposable Cotton Underwear

Disposable Cotton Underwear

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Women can experience a weaker bladder during pregnancy resulting in unexpected urine leakage, they also need to manage postpartum bleeding for 4- 6 weeks after giving birth.

This is why disposable underwear is a favoured maternity item. Designed to be worn once and then discarded, ensuring proper hygiene, and protection against bacteria and other germs that can cause infections or irritate the skin, especially after childbirth.

Our disposable cotton underwear is 100% cotton, offering breathability and comfort. Individually wrapped for convenience and the perfect size to pop in your purse. Ideal for a multitude of needs; including pregnancy, postpartum recovery, menstrual cycles, bladder control issues, and more...

Product Features:

  • 5x Single-Use Panties
  • Individually Wrapped
  • 100% Cotton - Breathable
  • Maternity & Everyday Use
  • Designed & Made For Belly Bands