haakaa Nipple Cream
haakaa Nipple Cream
haakaa Nipple Cream

haakaa Nipple Cream

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Nourishing relief for dry, cracked nipples!

• Soothes & protects sore nipples
• No need to remove before breastfeeding
• 100% ultra-pure medical-grade lanolin

Made in New Zealand, this Nipple Cream is made of all-natural, 100% medical-grade lanolin. Refined to meet the stringent standards of the US Pharmacopoeia to reduce allergenic properties, this Nipple Cream is ultra-pure - there are no additives, making it fragrance, paraben and preservative-free to protect your sensitive skin.

Note: A good latch|attachment can help prevent nipple damage. Haakaa recommends consulting your midwife, lactation consultant, or other maternity care professional if you have concerns.