My Mum Wets Her Plants
My Mum Wets Her Plants
My Mum Wets Her Plants
My Mum Wets Her Plants

My Mum Wets Her Plants

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This book helps to gently remind a new mum of the importance of pelvic floor health while also being a fun book to read to your baby from early on - encouraging language development.

This makes it a perfect baby shower gift to help not only baby but also MUM!

About The Author:


I’m Courtney. 

I’m a mum of two beautiful boys, I’m a nurse and in 2023 I became a self published author.

In 2021, I unintentionally wrote my first children’s book –My Mum Wets Her Plants. The story came to be after I spent most afternoons in the backyard with my baby as a way of coping and getting through the awfully dreaded ‘Witching Hour’ (or hours as it was for us!). 

Getting outside and watering my plants was the only thing (other than reading books) that would help keep my son calm and so I thought I’d combine the two tactics and create our very own picture book that we could one day read together.

Although those afternoons were both a mentally and physically tough time as a new mum… (and I since learnt that my poor boy was just incredibly over-tired), I’m grateful for Witching Hour and those lonnnnng afternoons we spent in the garden. 

Because, without being SO sleep deprived myself, I may never have come up with the crazy idea to turn our backyard chats into a beautiful book that so many families have now also enjoyed reading together.  

My Mum Wets Her Plants children’s book – the silver-lining to my sleep deprivation. 

Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy reading our little book.